Wills, Estate & Succession Planning

WhiteGold Financial can help you find the best possible way to plan and efficiently allocate your wealth in the most cost-efficient manner to minimize probate and estate taxes when you pass on wealth to the next generation.

One example is considering the advantages of a secondary will. By using multiple wills and naming the shares of a private company in the second will. One will can avoid paying probate taxes on the value of their assets held in the corporation.

WhiteGold Financial can help you map out a business succession plan that contains a strategy and a roadmap that enables you, as a business owner, to maximize value and leave your business on your own terms because every business owner will leave their business eventually.

The average business owner has 75% of their net worth tied up in their business and 80% of businesses are not saleable today for what the owner expects. We can also help you prepare your business for sale achieving your objectives according to your time frame.