Debt Reduction & Settlement

Manage your debt and start enjoying life again. At WhiteGold Financial we can help manage your debt and improve your credit. Through our professional counselling services, you gain control of your financial obligation and gain peace of mind. We can arrange a debt retirement program for you. We can relieve you of all the aggravating calls and number crunching. We also will represent you to creditors to reduce your monthly payments so you can afford them and reduce your monthly interest costs so you’re paying more principal. We have succeeded in setting up you 90% of credit card and other debts for past clients.

Call us today for a free initial appointment to regain control of your finances and monthly bills.

Debt Settlement & Reduction

Our debt settlement experts will provide you with a plan of action designed specifically to address your personal circumstances. We will create a debt management program by analyzing your monthly income, the kind of debt load you are carrying, the assets you are holding and the legal actions taken by your creditors thus far.

Personal Bankruptcy

Should you start to be affected by an economic recession, or any rough patch, we will show and walk you through the best alternatives to stop the problem and before it becomes unmanageable. WhiteGold Financial can help you get fresh financing to consolidate debt, getting a more stable financial position as an alternative to bankruptcy.

Additionally, we’ll develop an Assets Protection Plan to assure that whatever performance you show throughout any downturn, your family’s assets are not at risk. Although bankruptcy may be considered the last resort when the financial situation has gotten out of control, and may not be the desired option, it is sometimes the best solution. Bear in mind that it does not mean the end in any sense. It’s a transitional strategy that grants you time and better conditions so that you may rearrange all your financial issues to look for a new start.

We will explain to you, in every detail, the nature, ramifications and consequences of the bankruptcy in plain language without any technical jargon. You will know all the implications and how to take advantage of them. When the time comes for you to decide, with our help, whether or not to file the bankruptcy, you’ll be perfectly informed and advised.

Corporate Bankruptcy

Considering bankruptcy for your company occurs when there are profit expectations that are put into doubt and unmet or the lack of desire to continue with your company’s financial struggles. At WhiteGold Financial, we guide you and your business through the process of bankruptcy and give you the support and comfort you need. At times, a corporate bankruptcy may avoid CRA from pursuing deduction of Payroll and HST tax debt against the director of a corporation. We are here to ease your worrying and help rebuild your quality of life. If you, as a business owner are looking to avoid the option of filing for bankruptcy, our trusting financial advisors and legal consultants will guide you and help manage strategies that are specific to you, your business and financial needs and limits.