Accounting & Tax Preparation


We provide accounting services to individuals, owners and managers of businesses of any size. Our goal is to provide our clients with specialized and professional accounting to maximize the value and operations of their businesses over time.

WhiteGold Financial specializes in an array of bookkeeping services for small to mid sized companies looking to streamline their payroll, tax and internal accounting services with accuracy, continuity and consistency. We are continually exploring innovative ways to optimize the efficiency with which we meet your tax and accounting needs, while placing an emphasis on bringing value and expansion to your organization.

HST Reporting

Allow our team of HST filing experts to provide you with the guidance you are looking for. We will simplify the process of consolidating your receipts, determining what you owe and how you can process your payment. We will help you complete your filing in a simple and efficient manner that will give you peace of mind knowing it has been completed with accuracy.

Payroll Services

It is imperative you know your staff have been paid and are up to date. It is also important to ensure your company remits payroll taxes to the various government agencies as required. Allow us to help you avoid unnecessary penalty charges that can be avoided by ensuring your company’s payroll has been processed and completed in accordance with your payroll schedule. Understanding how to pay management remuneration is important. A combination of payroll and dividends is usually the most optimal from a tax efficiency point of view.

WSIB Reporting

Navigating your way through the WSIB Reporting process can be a long and winding path of confusion. A number of banks and credit unions across Ontario have made changes to the way they process your WSIB premium payments and remittances. Allow our highly skilled team to manage this process for you, ensuring that your company’s account remains in good standing.


Tax Preparation, Personal

WhiteGold Financial offers professional tax and accounting services that will meet all of your personal needs. If you have not filed taxes for previous years, we will be happy to review your tax status, at no charge or commitment, before submitting your taxes to the government.

We will review your tax position and give you solutions and structures to reduce the amount of tax you owe. We can help you through audits and prevent criminal charges as well.

Tax Preparation, Corporate

WhiteGold Financial offers professional tax and accounting services that will meet all of your business needs. Our work is protected through client/lawyer client privilege.

We can help you through audits and prevent civil and criminal charges.

Assessing corporate structures is one of our services and part of our overall thinking. We set up Canadian and US corporations, and prepare both personal and corporate Canadian and US taxes. If you are involved in business in the US, we will review your corporate structure to reduce the amount of tax you may be paying.

Tax Minimization Strategies

At WhiteGold Financial we can help you pay no more in taxes than you need to. However most middle class and wealthier Canadians do. We have developed unique strategies by incorporating our knowledge of accounting, insurance, investments, lending, trusts and tax.

Our clients have saved thousands of dollars in taxes and built their estates while minimizing risk. Let us help you to build a financial plan with strategies to help you achieve your financial goals while paying the least amount of tax.

Unfiled Tax Returns, Personal

We will work with the taxpayer to determine how far back we need to file, and ensure that all of the outstanding returns are submitted without penalties. While the taxes owing will still be payable to CRA, we can substantially reduce the late-filing penalties and interest on the penalties that you would have otherwise incurred by guiding clients through the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP).

Unfiled Tax Returns, Corporate

Many of our clients have come to us when they have collected but not remitted or filed GST/HST or Corporate Taxes. Often these taxpayers are in a situation where they need to use their GST/HST number, only to learn that they should have registered years ago and now feel confused on how to proceed with their business when they have been inadvertently non-compliant. Another common scenario we see is when taxpayers have not filed anything at all – generally amongst sole proprietors. If your corporation has gotten behind in tax filings, our tax experts can facilitate cost effective resolutions through various programs such as the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP).

Government and Tax Debt Solutions

If you are finding it difficult to pay your outstanding debt to the Canada Revenue Agency, our accountants and legal consultants can advise you on a number of legal processes that can wave penalties and interest charges, such as bankruptcy filing or consumer proposals to reduce your debt.

Tax Planning & Estate Structuring

Everyone must evaluate and structure their estate to maximize the amount of wealth passed on to future generations. Creative tax professionals can design an optimal and effective structure to understand the family dynamic, coordinate required legal provisions, implement gifting programs, or a family trust, or a new will, but most importantly ensure the individuals’ desired outcome will be achieved. These plans are never identical and require a specialised expert with extensive experience. At WhiteGold Financial we have designed and perfected countless estate structures leaving our clients with more of their wealth and protected against unexpected events that can cripple an estate. Let us take the struggle off your hands to execute tailor made solutions for the unique requirements of your business and investments.