Accounting & Bookkeeping

We provide accounting services to individuals, owners and managers of businesses of any size. Our goal is to provide our clients with specialized, professional accounting to maximize the value and operations of their businesses over time. 

WhiteGold Financial specializes in an array of bookkeeping services for small to mid sized companies looking to streamline their payroll, tax and internal accounting services with accuracy, continuity and consistency.  We are continually exploring innovative ways to optimize the efficiency with which we meet your tax and accounting needs, while placing an emphasis on bringing value and expansion to your organization.

HST Reporting

Allow our team of HST Filing experts to provide you with the guidance you are looking for.  We will simplify the process of consolidating your receipts, determining what you owe and how you can process your payment. We will help you complete your filing in a simple and efficient manner that will give you peace of mind knowing it has been completed with accuracy.

Financial Statements

Our Financial Statement Preparation team can reduce the workload of your finance department while providing customized reports that provide valuable information on your company’s bottom line.  Rest assured knowing our highly skilled team possesses the depth of knowledge required to assist in the preparation of expert financial reports that are audit ready.

Payroll Services

It is imperative you know your staff have been paid and are up to date.  It is also important to ensure your company remits payroll taxes to the various government agencies as required.  Allow us to help you avoid unnecessary penalty charges that can be avoided by ensuring your company’s payroll has been processed and completed in accordance with your payroll schedule. Understanding how to pay management remuneration is important.  A combination of payroll and dividends is usually the most optimal from a tax efficiency point of view.

WSIB Reporting

Navigating your way through the WSIB Reporting process can be a long and winding path of confusion.  A number of banks and credit unions across Ontario have made changes to the way they process your WSIB premium payments and remittances.  Allow our highly skilled team to manage this process for you, ensuring that your company’s account remains in good standing.


Tax Preparation, Personal

WhiteGold Financial offers professional tax and accounting services that will meet all of your personal needs. If you have not filed taxes for previous years, we will be happy to review your tax status, at no charge or commitment, before submitting your taxes to the government.

We will review your tax position and give you solutions and structures to reduce the amount of tax you owe. We can help you through audits and prevent criminal charges as well.

Tax Preparation, Corporate

WhiteGold Financial offers professional tax and accounting services that will meet all of your business needs. Our work is protected through client/lawyer client privilege.

We can help you through audits and prevent civil and criminal charges.

Assessing corporate structures is one of our services and part of our overall thinking. We set up Canadian and US corporations, and prepare both personal and corporate Canadian and US taxes. If you are involved in business in the US, we will review your corporate structure to reduce the amount of tax you may be paying.

Tax Minimization Strategies

At WhiteGold Financial we can help you pay no more in taxes than you need to. However most middle class and wealthier Canadians do. We have developed unique strategies by incorporating our knowledge of accounting, insurance, investments, lending, trusts and tax.

Our clients have saved thousands of dollars in taxes and built their estates while minimizing risk. Let us help you to build a financial plan with strategies to help you achieve your financial goals while paying the least amount of tax.

Unfiled Tax Returns, Personal

We will work with the taxpayer to determine how far back we need to file, and ensure that all of the outstanding returns are submitted without needle penalties. While the taxes owing will still be payable to CRA, we can substantially reduce the late-filing penalties and interest on the penalties that you would have otherwise incurred by guiding clients through the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP).

Unfiled Tax Returns, Corporate

Many of our clients have come to us when they have collected but not remitted or filed GST/HST or Corporate Taxes. Often these taxpayers are in a situation where they need to use their GST/HST number, only to learn that they should have registered years ago and now feel confused on how to proceed with their business when they have been inadvertently non-compliant. Another common scenario we see is when taxpayers have not filed anything at all – generally amongst sole proprietors. If your corporation has gotten behind in tax filings, our tax experts can facilitate cost effective resolutions through various programs such as the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP).

Government and Tax Debt Solutions

If you are finding it difficult to pay your outstanding debt to the Canada Revenue Agency, our accountants and legal consultants can advise you on a number of legal processes that can wave penalties and interest charges, such as bankruptcy filing or consumer proposals.

Tax Planning & Estate Structuring

Our tax professionals possess superior skills in the area of designing an optimal corporate structure to meet your organization’s needs. Allow them to ensure your tax planning and structuring meets the tax planning objectives of your business with tailor made solutions that are in line with the unique requirements of your business.


Debt Counseling

Manage your debt and start enjoying life again. At WhiteGold Financial we can help manage your debt and improve your credit. Through our professional counselling services, you gain control of your financial obligation and gain peace of mind. We can arrange a debt retirement program for you. We can relieve you of all the aggravating calls and number crunching. We also will represent you to creditors to reduce your monthly payments so you can afford them and reduce your monthly interest costs so you’re paying more principal (and getting out of debt quicker). We have succeeded in setting up yo 90% of credit card and other debts for past clients.

Call us today for a free initial appointment to regain control of your finances and monthly bills.

Debt Settlement & Reduction

Our debt settlement experts will provide you with a plan of action designed specifically to address your personal circumstances. We will create a debt management program by analyzing your monthly income, the kind of debt load you are carrying, the assets you are holding and the legal actions taken by your creditors thus far.

Personal Bankruptcy

Should you start to be affected by an economic recession, or any rough patch, we will show and walk you through the best alternatives to stop the problem and before it becomes unmanageable. WhiteGold Financial can help you get fresh financing to consolidate debt, getting a more stable financial position as an alternative to bankruptcy.

Additionally, we’ll develop an Assets Protection Plan to assure that whatever performance you show throughout any downturn, your family’s assets are not at risk. Although bankruptcy may be considered the last resort when the financial situation has gotten out of control, and may not be the desired option, it is sometimes the best solution. Bear in mind that it does not mean the end in any sense. It’s a transitional strategy that grants you time and better conditions so that you may rearrange all your financial issues to look for a new start.

We will explain to you, in every detail, the nature, ramifications and consequences of the bankruptcy in plain language without any technical jargon. You will know all the implications and how to take advantage of them. When the time comes for you to decide, with our help, whether or not to file the bankruptcy, you’ll be perfectly informed and advised.

Corporate Bankruptcy

Considering bankruptcy for your company occurs when there are profit expectations that are put into doubt and unmet or the lack of desire to continue with your company’s financial struggles. At WhiteGold Financial, we guide you and your business through the process of bankruptcy and give you the support and comfort you need. At times, a corporate bankruptcy may avoid CRA from pursuing deduction of Payroll and HST tax debt against the director of a corporation. We are here to ease your worrying and help rebuild your quality of life. If you, as a business owner are looking to avoid the option of filing for bankruptcy, our trusting financial advisors and legal consultants will guide you and help manage strategies that are specific to you, your business and financial needs and limits.


Business Loans

WhiteGold Financial gives out of small business loans every year at a rate that allows your business to grow and thrive. We will provide you with a no obligation quote within 24 hours and immediate financing. We’ll design a repayment plan tailored to your exact needs, and our business consultants will be available to advise you regularly.

Personal Loans

WhiteGold Loans specializes in home equity lending and mortgage refinancing. We loan money to people like you based on the equity you have in your home or another property. If you own your home and need to borrow money to pay off debts, taxes, complete home renovations, start a business, pay for tuition or, simply just need a little extra cash flow, call us now!


Incorporation of Companies

There are many advantages of incorporating companies with your business. Advantages such as reducing your taxes, limiting your liability and building continuity. A combination of increased expense allowances and lower tax rates enable you and your business to keep more money instead of the CRA. Owning a corporation allows you to pay yourself dividends and avoid the cost of payroll temporarily. Corporations provide protection against claimants and creditors which threaten your personal assets under their various collection demands. Incorporating a company builds continuity. Your corporation exists as a separate legal entity, surpassing the lifespan of the owner. The addition of “Inc.” establishes a legitimacy that is recognized by clients.

Corporate & Financial Structures

WhiteGold Financial is your one stop shop handling all of your financial business requirements. No matter how simple or complicated your needs may be, we offer a range of services including corporate accounting and tax services, debt solutions, government grant applications and more. For quick and easy Registrations of Incorporation, please refer to our sister company The Corporation Place -[]. TCP is a cost effective and efficient provider for incorporation services, specializing in Ontario and Federal Incorporations with quick turn around time.


1st & 2nd Mortgages

WhiteGold Financial can negotiate the lowest rate mortgage that best suits your financial budget and needs. We can provide you with a mortgage that can be used to your personal requirements, such as purchasing a home, renovating, or refinancing to reduce higher interest rate debts.

Rest assured, bad credit can be worked around. We also can provide 2nd and 3rd mortgages at very competitive rates. Find out what your best options are.

Let us help you with a free analysis of your financial situation. We’ll reduce your monthly payments to give you more cash on hand and rearrange your finances to minimize your debts.


Mortgage Investments

WhiteGold Financial specializes in providing private mortgage financing to residential property owners in the GTA. We work with mortgage investors providing quality mortgage investment opportunities in the GTA secured by first mortgage or second mortgage charges on residential real estate.

If you are looking to lend private mortgage funds, request a meeting to review our investment mortgage portfolio.

Real Estate

At WhiteGold Financial we can help you invest in the best properties in the GTA and beyond. Whether you are seeking a quick investment for capital gains or a regular income from the rental of a property for the long term, real estate continues to attract countless new investors every year.

We can help you with a methodical, strategic yet simple approach to researching and purchasing real estate for investment purposes.

Business Opportunities

At WhiteGold Financial we can help you acquire or enter into a joint venture agreement with an existing business. We will help you analyze the business, determining its management team, financial strengths, position in the market place and especially, its potential for vast growth.

We can help you structure an agreement that will ensure your investment capital is protected and put to best use to help the company grow at accelerated rates. We will also create an exit strategy to ensure your investment is highly profitable.

Wills & Estate Plans

WhiteGold Financial can help you find the best possible way to plan and efficiently allocate your wealth in the most cost-efficient manner in order to minimize probate and estate taxes. Our legal network can help you achieve these goals.

Our aim is to help you prepare a will and structure your estate to minimize taxes and probate fees.


Business Plan & Financing

At WhiteGold Financial we understand that having a tax strategy is one of many decisions that involve running a business. We can help you decide what type of business is best suited for your skills, experiences and financial resources. We will work with you to ensure that your business plan is realistic and capable of meeting your personal goals as well as your capital requirements. Furthermore, we will guide you through initializing your business providing you with the best corporate and financial structures.

Asset & Financial Structure Planning

At WhiteGold Financial we provide you with a financial check-up to assess the overall structure of your taxes. We review your past years taxes to ensure accuracy and suggest tax saving opportunities to reduce the amount of tax you pay, while at the same time protecting your wealth.

We emphasize wealth protection as an essential component in sustaining and accumulating wealth as government audits and business failures are a common reality today. We want you to rise above these commonalities.

Restructuring & Reorganization

WhiteGold Financial can find you a sensible way to regain control of your financial situation. The combination of our company’s knowledgeable experience and strategic legal remedies can settle your debts to significantly lower amounts without having to go bankrupt, if that is the option you choose.

We offer creative and methodic solutions that allow you to protect your wealth and that will accumulate and protect and restructure your assets to protect and minimize the taxes you pay.

Succession Planning

WhiteGold Financial can help you map out a business succession plan that contains a strategy and a roadmap that enables you, as a business owner, to maximize value and leave your business on your own terms because every business owner will leave their business eventually.

The average business owner has 75% of their net worth tied up in their business and 80% of businesses are not saleable today for what the owner expects. We can also help you prepare your business for sale achieving your objectives according to your time frame.

Let us show you how to reduce probate taxes and reduce the amount of exposure in capital gains taxes on business and business audits, such as real estate.

Estate Planning & Trusts

A trust is a legal arrangement that benefits people who wish to privately structure their affairs or who wish to control assets without actually owning those assets, or, in some circumstances, who wish to take advantage of certain tax-planning opportunities. In any of those cases, at WhiteGold Financial, we can help you create a trust that meets your unique needs.

In Canada, one can set up a principal residence trust to better protect their home from future creditors while continuing to benefit and enjoy their principal residence. We can help you establish a highly customized trust to ensure tax planning aid, privacy, control and overall maximize your wealth to achieve and accomplish your goals.

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